South African orders only:

There is no difference in the content of the red and the blue Mirror Bibles – there is only a size difference (the blue is bigger and has a wider margin). Both are the latest updated version. The latest 6th edition released in March 2016 has 487 pages in the blue wide margin and 472 pages in the smaller A5 size red edition. It includes the entire Gospel of John plus loads of edits and updates, as well as an Extended Commentary at the end of the book.

  1. Red Mirror (Standard A5 edition)                                       R220
  2. Blue Mirror (Larger 7×10 inches with wide margins)            R250
  3. God Believes in You                                                           R150
  4. Divine Embrace                                                              R130
  5. The Logic of His Love                                                       R50
  6. Kant en Klaar (Afrikaans only)                                            R85
  7. Efesiërs (Afrikaans only)                                                     R50

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Courier fees:

1-3 books:     R60;
4-6 books:     R100;
7-10 books:   R150;
11-15 books: R200;
16+ books:    depends on parcel weight

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