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The Mirror Bible

Description of The Mirror Bible

The Mirror Bible is a paraphrase from the original Greek text.While the detailed shades of meaning of every Greek word have been closely studied, this is done taking into account the consistent context of the entire chapter within the wider epistle, and bearing in mind the full context of Jesus as the revealer and redeemer of the image and likeness of the invisible God in human form, which is what the message of the Bible is all about.

To assist the reader in their study, I have numerically superscripted the Greek word and corresponded it with the closest English word in the italicized commentary that follows. This is to create a direct comparison of words between the two languages.

Many words used in previous translations have adopted meanings in time that distract from the original thought. Individual words can greatly influence the interpretation of any conversation.For years deliberate as well as oblivious errors in translations were repeated and have empowered the religious institutions of the day to influence, manipulate and even abuse masses of people.Consider the word metanoia, consisting of two components, meta, together with, and nous, mind, suggesting a radical mind shift. This word has always been translated as “repentance,” which is an old English word borrowed from the Latin word, penance. Then they added the “re” to get even more mileage out of sin consciousness. Re-penance. This gross deception led to the perverted doctrines of indulgences, where naive, ignorant people were led to believe that they needed to purchase favor from an angry god. Most cathedrals as well as many ministries were funded with guilt money.

The Bible is a dangerous book! It has confused and divided more people than any other document. Scriptures have been used to justify some of the greatest atrocities in human history. People were tortured, burned to death and multitudes murdered based on somebody’s understanding of the scriptures! Jesus, Paul and believers throughout the ages faced their greatest opposition from those who knew the scriptures.

If it is such a dangerous document, how does one approach the book?

The Mirror unveils the Incarnation Code as the key that unlocks the mystery message of scripture.
The romance of the ages is revealed here. 

The launch of the Mirror Bible

Our aim is that every person alive would have a copy of the Mirror Bible available in their own language! To date we made it available free of charge, but knew that to reach the world it will require funds and the involvement of as many other organisations as possible. This is now quickly becoming a growing reality!

The Mirror Bible has now finally been launched and published in book and e-book format. We are connecting with partners all over the world to help with distribution, translation and supporting the cause. We will keep this site and www.mirrorfriends.com updated as progress is made. Our purpose is to raise enough funds from sales and donations to reach those who cannot afford it. We see this publication as a tremendous key to unveil the truth and glory that has been hidden from man. If you would like to partner with us, please contact us at info@mirrorword.net / dawieblake@gmail.com. We would also like to sincerely thank all of you for your support and love over the many years we have walked this road - may our relationship continue to grow and be a fragrance of Him we love with all our hearts!