Cover of Divine Embrace by Francois du Toit

The highly anticipated rerelease of Divine Embrace is finally here! This updated and expanded version has 436 pages.

* * *

Divine Embrace speaks a language that will awaken you to the most amazing discovery! The mystery, that was hidden for ages and generations, is unveiled within you.

This is a unique collection of Scriptures with commentary. While answering many relevant questions, this study will ground you in a fresh understanding of the good of the Good News and become a daily reference to the true adventure of life!

Available in paperback and on Kindle.

We print in the UK, USA and Australia (South Africa coming soon!)
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Publisher: Mirrorword Publishing

Chapter 1 - The Mirror Message
Chapter 2 - Man Began in God
Chapter 3 - Romance Redeemed
Chapter 4 - The Agape agenda
Chapter 5 - Uncluttered belief
Chapter 6 - Innocence Redeemed
Chapter 7 - Oneness Realized
Chapter 8 - Living happily ever after
Chapter 9 - Paul’s Gospel ~ Success of the Cross
Chapter 10 - Mankind’s inclusion in Christ
Chapter 11 - The logic of God’s economy of inclusion
Chapter 12 - Identity redeemed
Chapter 13 - God’s Strategy ~ Asia in one man
Chapter 14 - There is Nothing Wrong with you!
Chapter 15 - We are thinking wrong!
Chapter 16 - What about the sinful Nature?


Chapter 17 - Why did Jesus have to die?
Chapter 18 - Thoughts on the New Birth
Chapter 19 - The Metanoia-moment!
Chapter 20 - Confession
Chapter 21 - Such a Great Salvation
Chapter 22 - Effortless Believing
Chapter 23 - A Transformed Life
Chapter 24 - Why Temptation?
Chapter 25 - Facing Tough Times
Chapter 26 - Healing
Chapter 27 - Incarnate Faith
Chapter 28 - Prayer and Worship
- The Prayer Of God
- Prayer is not about putting pressure on God to bless you!
-Thanksgiving, Prayer Requests, Supplications and Intercession
- Worship beyond religious routine
- Notes on An Open Heaven
- The Lord’s Prayer like you’ve never seen it before!
Chapter 29 - Thoughts On Hell
- Love keeps no record of wrongs
- So, where does the Abyss fit into this!
- From Adam till Noah, to Now!
- Here’s what Jesus says about Hades
- The Apocalypse
Chapter 30 - The Second Coming
- The Restoration of all things?
- The Cloud
- The Hour Has Come
- Parousia does not mean 2nd coming!
- Like a “Thief in the Night”
- The New Heaven and New Earth
- The Wedding