Book Cover: Little Bear and the Mirror

Little Bear and the Mirror

A little bear, suffering from terrible fear, finds a caring friend in a squirrel - the squirrel then asks wise Miss Owl for advice.

"There is only one reason for gibbering, shivering, jiggling and joggling fearful
cold," she read in her big, fat book of Wisdom Whoppers. "This cold is not outside
but inside and is a big, big problem if not cured! It will make your eyes see funny
things and your ears hear funny noises and your tummy turn in funny
circles - a dreadful condition indeed!"

Mrs. Owl wondered to herself, "If the cold is inside and not outside, how can I get
what is in, out?"

"I've got the answer!" shouted Owl with great joy. "The cold must get out the
the same way it got in!"

"The thoughts in our heads become the words in our mouths and then change
into the doors that keep in and keep out!!"

"You see, Squirrel, our thoughts are very powerful. The thoughts in our heads are the secret place where all the wonders of the earth are stored, churned, milled, ground and made. But there, we can also hold dark, scary thoughts and lies. Those thoughts turn into words, either good ones or bad ones! We need to know the secret of how to lock in the good thoughts and let them get rid of the bad ones - just like light gets rid of darkness, effortlessly! Light is stronger than darkness. God's Mirror is His thoughts about us; that's the key!

"It's a magic Mirror," replied Squirrel excitedly. "It lets you see the truth that unlocks the door to let the gibbering, shivering, jabbering, jiggling cold out. Wise owl said that the cold could only get out the way it got in!"

So Little Bear, take this Mirror. Look deeply into it."

Squirrel waited with eager curiosity, "Tell me, what do you see?"

Little Bear took the Mirror and gazed deeply. The more he looked, the wider his grin spread along his big bear mouth.

"I see me," said Little Bear.

* * *

Little Bear and the Mirror - Full Audiobook

Intro Music - 'Mirror Song' by Gogfrey Birtill


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Reviews:Denise Thomas wrote:

"A delightful read to discover the indwelling Christ for
young and old alike! The wonderful truth that "in God, we live and move and have our
being" is beautifully written and illustrated in this treasure of a book.
Lydia's spiritual insights have become a touchstone for the next

Shana Orser wrote:

"This darling story will warm your heart and free you from fear. It is
written for children of all ages - 3 to 103- because it holds the secret
to life. The sweet characters capture children's attention while the
simple message liberates you. Discover with Little Bear the wonder of the mirror!"

Isolde Bonaso wrote:

"AT LAST! In the vein of great classics like Wind in the Willows by
Kenneth Grahame, and AA Milne's Winnie The Pooh, both reader and
listener are enthralled and captivated by the delightful characters in
this extremely deep, yet addictively humorous journey of discovery of
Squirrel, Bear and Owl!"


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