Cover of the Gospel of Luke Volume 2 from the Mirror Study Bible by Francois du Toit

This most enlightening translation will have a massive impact on people's understanding of these vital chapters that have confused many for centuries!

Listen to the Lord's prayer like you've never heard it before!

Luke 11:4 Oh, that we may discover our innocence by realizing the completeness of the forgiveness of our sins! Now, everyone indebted to us may also know that we have fully released them from their obligations to us! Father, you know us inside-out! Free us thoroughly from any hidden alliance with the old system of performance-based living! (”Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!” This sounds like God had temptation on today’s agenda for you, but if you pray this prayer, then maybe he’ll change his mind! ‘To lead’ in this sentence is the Greek word eisphero, to carry inward, to reach within; and temptation is the word peiratzo, to test thru piercing, to examine closely, from peira, to pierce; a test to determine the hidden value of something; also from the word peras, which speaks of extremity or the furthest boundary. James 1:13 says clearly that God tempts no one. “Do not say, “I am scrutinized by God” when you feel enticed. He is not in the teasing business; evil offers no attraction to God for God to be tempted by it, neither is he experimenting with your design! [God cannot be both the source of light and darkness. Every temptation is an attempt of darkness to intercept light. James 1:17.]

The deliverance from evil, poneros, is the intent of this sentence, that hidden alignments to the law of works will not be found within me, giving evil a foothold as it were. The word poneros, translated, evil, means full of hardships, annoyances and labors! Sounds like the wrong tree to me!)

I have absolutely fallen in love with Dr. Luke! This dear, humble companion of Paul is a giant of a man, both in his account of Jesus, as well as that of the early church in the book of Acts!


Publisher: Mirrorword Publishing
Reviews:WM Paul Young, author of "The Shack" wrote:

In a world where Bible translations and paraphrases are ubiquitous, The Mirror Study Bible is uniquely beautiful and helpful! Submitted to the original texts and the abiding guidance of the Holy Spirit, Francois du Toit carefully and meticulously opens and explores the treasures of Scripture. Not only does it satisfy the demands of the intellect, but it overwhelms the heart.

DR. C. BAXTER KRUGER Author of "The Great Dance" and "The Shack Revisited" wrote:

The Mirror Translation is astonishingly beautiful. The union theme is outstanding.

The early followers of Jesus knew that he was the center of all creation, the plan from the beginning, the alpha and the omega, the author and finisher of faith. They wrestled deeply with these questions and the staggering implications of Jesus's very identity. They handed down clear and powerful and very relevant insights and answers. Francois has met the Jesus of the Apostles, and through his wrestling with their light, is providing for us all a paraphrase of their work that is as thrilling as it is beautiful and true.

My imagination ignites reading your translation. What a beautiful, breathtaking translation. This is brilliant, and destined to relieve and liberate many. You sing the Father's heart, my brother. May the Holy Spirit continue to use the Mirror to reveal Jesus and his Father and us all around this world! I love it.

This is so beautiful! Poetic and profound.