[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Johan here. I have my dad (Leon) on skype right now, where they are preparing with Dima to take the train from Krasnodar to Sochi at 2AM local time in that remote part of Russia. What follows below is verbatim his account of what they are experiencing:


Sochi is a very beautiful town on the Black Sea in Southern Russia, where a part of the next winter Olympics will take place. God has given us favour with different churches. A couple of months ago we were there for four days, a time jam-packed with ministry. We experienced the impact of the Gospel: total transformation of lives translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of God and His Love.

It is really the manifestation of new creation life that is happening in front of our very eyes, daily.

Since we came back from South Africa, as we were unable to get to Pakistan due to the unrest there (and our visas that could not be issues), we went to a place near Yalta for a four-day conference. There were about 500 people, mostly young, and the great majority came from a past of drug addiction, prisons, and crime, now totally transformed by the grace of God: many miracle stories! It is a privilege to be part of a powerful work of God’s Spirit. It’s a new generation of young hearts totally dedicated to spread the Gospel that saved their lives, everywhere! From this work of God amongst these candidates of His grace, many churches have been started, all over Ukraine, into Russia, into Europe. They have a very strong missionary spirit: people who are not spoilt. They are stories to God’s glory of complete restoration! Directly after this we went to the city of Kharkov, in Ukraine, close to the border with Russia. God has given us favour and many open doors in this city. We presented to pastors and leaders of the city the complete work that God has accomplished in Christ on the cross. It is wonderful to experience in our focus the inclusion in Christ before time and for all time and the greatest work of Almighty God who reconciled humanity through the death of the One for all.

It is so precious to look at every person and not look at their history nor nature in Adam, but one reference we have now, and that is JESUS! He reveals the Father’s love, the Father’s opinion, and valuation by the price that He paid. The perfection of redemption becomes a manifest reality through the powerful work of God’s Spirit, revealing to everyone their acceptance in Christ.

We believe that we can bring a fantastic team to come and visit South Africa so that the salvation manifestation that has happend in Russia and Ukraine may also be manifest in South Africa, especially in areas where there is a similar, terrible, problem with addiction and crime. The anointing of Jesus has become our anointing through the coming of the Holy Spirit – Christ in us – for the poor, for the broken hearted, for the captives, for the blind.

From Kharkov I had to fly to Rastov, where with Dima we have been ministering from Sunday till Thursday night. Every night we have been ministering to after midnight: a stream of ministry day in, day out. So many individuals have been touched by God. We had two full days of ministry in a town outside of Rastov, another capital of a region in Southern Russia, closer to the Krasnyadar region.

This week on Friday we fly Lord willing from Sochi to St. Petersburg. The train journey would have been 45 hours, so aeroplane allows us to save some time (3.5 hours by plane!). In St. Petersburg God has given us good relationship and favour with the two largest congregations there, where it is planned for us to minister from Friday evening till Tuesday night. We will minister at the Messianic congregation as well. We plan to bring Pastor Mikhail Kotov from Fountain Church out to South Africa in February for three weeks. God has done powerful work through him, and the church is just vibrating with life! They have a strong witness in the community.

Then via Moscow for a few days, before we return to Kiev. Special prayer is asked for our visit together with Jacobi to Pakistan. Our places are booked from the 9th till the 26th of November. About seven different churches and ministries, in the great city of Lahore and its surroundings, have invited us. Jacobi and I will often minister in different places, because of the extent of the invitation.

Jacobi is doing a great work with her team in our base in Bilhorod Dnestrovskiy. There was a lot of restoration necessary on our base building. Please pray for us as we need to completely renovate the heating system for the base. The winter is already starting! Jacobi is also working with the team to prepare educational material for the school. She is involved in Turkey already with home schooling. The field is white unto harvest! It is the greatest opportunity in the history of humanity, and the most urgent time! It is the greatest privilege to be involved in the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission. This Gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 24) shall be proclaimed to the uttermost parts of the earth as a witness to all nations (in Greek: “eis” into all nations!).

We would like to thank everyone for their collaboration with us in prayer. The work is expanding. The need is tremendous. We cannot continue this work without the support of the body of Christ. I personally believe that Russia will be a world power in the extension of the Kingdom of God! I believe, and we see the signs, of a very powerful, pure revival which will give honour to no man, nor denomination, but only to Him from whom, through whom, and unto whom everything is! TO HIM BE THE GLORY![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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