South African Orders

The 784 page, Black cover 8th edition released in August 2018 replaces both the old red and blue covers.
The new App and Kindle soon to be released!


  1. God Believes in You (Currently only available in English)             R190,00
  2. Kant en Klaar (Afrikaans only)                                                            R95,00
  3. Efesiërs (Afrikaans only)                                                                      R60,00
  4. Stella’s Secret (English Children’s book)                                            R165,00
  5. Stella se Geheim (Afrikaans kinder boek)                                         R165,00

Courier fees:

1-4 books:    R90,00
5+ books:     R140,00
15+ books:   R200,00
20+ books:   Depends on parcel weight

Please provide your physical address and contact number (the couriers do not deliver to postal addresses).

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