South African Orders

Although we print and distribute in South Africa, our books are not yet available in bookstores, so please order directly from us. We are constantly adding to this list; if a book is not listed here, please contact us! (For BULK ORDERS, click here.)

Copy and paste the following into an email and fill it out:

Name & surname:
Contact number:
Book name(s) + quantities:
Preferred postage method: PostNet or PEPS (see below)
Your nearest PostNet or PEPS details (depending on your choice)
Total amount (all books’ prices + postage)
EFT Reference

Please attach proof of payment if already paid (banking details below). Send the email to:

Scroll down for BOOK PRICES in South Africa.

Preferred Postage Method:

We make use of PEPS and PostNet counter-to-counter services. You should choose the one that is closest or most convenient for you. We will need the name and location of whichever store you want us to send your books to.

  • PEPS counter-to-counter: R55 — 5 day delivery
  • PostNet counter-to-counter: R99 — 3 day delivery

Our Banking Details:

Mirror Word Publishing
Bank: First National Bank
Branch code: 200412
Account no: 62360084942
Ref: Your Name and Surname


(For BULK ORDER PRICES, see further down.)

English Books

Afrikaans Books

Kant en Klaar (Afrikaans only) – R85,00
Efesiërs (Afrikaans only) – R60,00

Other Languages

Prices coming soon!


Galatians (Mirror Study Bible)
Ephesians (Mirror Study Bible)
Colossians (Mirror Study Bible)


Galatians (Mirror Study Bible)
Ephesians (Mirror Study Bible)
Colossians (Mirror Study Bible)


A bulk order is where the quantity of an individual book is more than 2, which lowers the price per unit considerably. If you wish to order bulk, please follow the same procedure as outlined above, using the prices below:

Mirror Study Bible:

  • 10–19 units: R330 ea.
  • 20+ units: R300 ea.
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