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Carol and Cliff Moon Testimony

Wonderful testimony by Carol and Cliff Moon from Hawaii

The Mirror Word must be our most valued Treasure in our home. It brought us Truth and Life. To find the Truth that was in our hearts all along cannot be measured. The Mirror Word brought forth the deep resonance of our Father’s heart and joined ours in complete oneness, never again to be separated from His intent and influence. Almost 37 years ago upon awakening to the God’s Voice in Jesus Christ, I heard in the depths of my being, “You are My joy. You are My fulfillment. What pleasure I have.” I could never forget that experience of union with God and then spent all those years searching for it in all the wrong religious circles. I was trying to please Him enough just to hear even a portion of those words again. Because of your faithfulness to write the heart of our Father in the Mirror Word, I know I am pleasing to Him and experience His love words all the time and whether at low or high times, His presence abides in assurance. There is hardly a week that goes by that I don’t find my husband rejoicing, shouting and weeping for joy because of the Romance he has found. He knows he is secure in Love Himself.

We are so grateful to you, Francois, and to Lydia!

Celebrating that He rules the world with Truth and Grace and rejoicing in the Word of the Father now in flesh appearing.

Carol and Cliff Moon January 17, 2018