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Colin (UK)

Francois, The Mirror Message has had such an amazing impact on my life, and on the lives of the people I have to do with. One of the missing ingredients of my 35yrs of being a Christian, has been that of our true identity revealed to us. We sang songs about being a “new creation and a brand new man” and then had multiple ministries of how bad we are, how we must die to self, how He must increase (?) and we must decrease (?), It’s all about Him, nothing about us, and the like. All these half-truths only serve to destroy the human spirit, and result in the “snow white” syndrome, which is poison-induced sleep, hence the present condition of the church, globally. It’s asleep, or drugged with the poison of religious self-abasement.

As God began to open my eyes to the wonders of His Grace and Unconditional Love, one of the first pieces of literature I came across was “God Believes in You”, written by you, and also “Done!”. The Mirror Message has had, and is continuing to have, the effect it is designed to, and that is to awaken me to the reality of God’s KNOWLEDGE of me as He sees me in Christ. I have had the joy of bringing this good news to our congregation, and lives are being dramatically changed from human perspective to His perspective. There’s a spring in the step of many who’s feet have been shod with the preparation of THE ONLY Good News. Thank you, and may God continue to give you much grace and wisdom to speak this message with absolute clarity to the world!!!

Colin United Kingdom November 12, 2015