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Dear Francois,
Not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before, as I was preaching a message on identity and “knowing as the we are known;” right in the middle of teaching, I started to weep. I was taken aback as to why it happened.

Then a few days later at our Tuesday morning prayer meeting, I opened to Colossians Chapter 3 in my Mirror, and as I read it to myself, I began weeping again. During that prayer meeting, our Senior Pastor, Lloyd, who has equally been captivated by the “mirror message,” began weeping as he prayed!

What is going on I wondered?

And then I read Phil 3:8 in the Mirror: “As you know I am often moved to tears talking about these things; I am so passionate about the revelation of mankind’s redeemed innocence that it makes no sense to me that there can still be people who oppose this message. Many are openly hostile and indifferent to the cross of Christ.”

I knew that was it!

My heart aches until all men discover that they are “wasting their time to imagine they could become more accepted and righteous than what they already are!”

I know now why Paul’s “mandate” was “to make all men see.”

You & Lydia personify that mandate! And for that, I am so grateful!

Your audio messages, books and the Mirror have transformed many, many lives, including my own. Words cannot express the depth of gratefulness I hold in my heart for you!

I can’t wait to have you come to Kansas City, so that others may have the same privilege I have had–sitting under and gleaning so much from your ministry and your revelation.

Have a great time in California (my home state) but get here soon!!

Much love,

Dave Kansas City, USA November 12, 2015