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David Mcclymont Testimony

Another beautiful mirror testimony we received a few days ago!

Dear Papa Francois, oh my heart is so thankful for you. God has used you to bring me the freedom of my redeemed innocence. There is a group of us in Harrisburg PA USA who are exploding in revival and love because of how you have translated the word as well as how your preaching reflects Christ. One of our friends randomly showed us the Mirror Bible and it has been game over since then. The Bible has had clarity that it never had before and it leads us in a “daily revival”. It has given us language for the finished work of Jesus and it has brought person after person into a changed mind and heart. What can we say but that we are so thankful for your faithfulness and delight in the work of the Lord. We are so thankful for taking so much heat for the Gospel and for displaying it properly. God is using you here in the US again and again. You truly are our Papa in the faith.

David Mcclymont January 17, 2018