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Gavin (UK)

I love the Mirror translation, I am pastoring my first church and preaching the finished work of the cross. I received it through revelation, and it greatly challenged the Pentecostal church I was in. It has always been my message, I asked Father to get me a place to teach the truth to people and He removed me, “He made me a minister” and then placed me in a small church.

I often preach for a couple of hours and we usually feel it’s an hour, but the supernatural life-giving message is music to the hearts of the hurting. I am continually ministering to many people that are messed up by sin conscious religion—they are growing rapidly. I was greatly encouraged to find others preaching the same message; it’s great to see you acknowledge the faith “of” the Son of God. God bless you for your bold passion and declaration of the glorious gospel.

Gavin United Kingdom November 12, 2015


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