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Jan (Australia)

I am a young 62 yr old woman who has known about God since infancy—a God whom I sought to please. I knew He had sent Jesus and that He loved me, even though I was a poor sinful being, which we confessed every Sunday. At age 25 I had been on most committees in my local church and one day after driving home from one of these meetings, I was sitting in the car and I thought, ‘There has to be more than church services and committees to our Christian walk’. It seemed like a lot of committees and Sunday services lay ahead.

My heart longed for more. I had heard about the abundant life, I believed Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever, my heart told me different things to what the ministers in the denominational bondage of the church told me. I struggled with these things for many years, I was not overcome and have had a blessed life having been married to Noel for 42 yrs with 4 wonderful children and 3 precious grandchildren. About 4 yrs ago I was introduced to the teaching and sermons of Joseph Prince. His grace message has been a blessing. And now we have been abundantly blessed with the Mirror Bible and I can access Francois’ teaching via the internet. Joy unspeakable, thank you!!!!!!!!

Jan Australia November 12, 2015


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