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Jozsef (Hungary)

You know that Andre and Mary-Anne were here and we had a wonderful fellowship with them. We are so happy. Anita just told me, that she want to live in this way, in this new found Life. I sharing what I have at our house fellowship and in a little gypsy fellowship, everybody just enjoy this lightness. Oh Jesus! Last Saturday I had an opportunity to share with my brothers at our service about Jesus’ finished work (the harvest is ready, because the grain is same as the grain which was fallen into the soil). Next day a lady told me that she and her husband talked about this message and they called their friend to invite to the next meeting to hear this message. They understood something. So I just enjoy this revelations everyday.

It is really what Proverbs says in 4:18 “But the path of the just is as a bright light going on and shining till the day is established.” Soon I hope that I can start a personal blog to communicate my thoughts about God or more I hope His thoughts about us, but somehow I would like that the MirrrorWord would be published in Hungarian. I’m agree with you, and I’m convinced that we are in the threshold of the coming new reformation rather this new things has began in Christ but we can see more and more of it now. The treasure is so great which is hidden in mankind and we are His co-worker to help to see this Godkindness in every man. So I’m very happy to see, and not frustrated under ”I must do this or that” kind Christianity, but I see and it ignites me more than anything else before. Praise the Lord!

Jozsef Hungary November 12, 2015


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