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Mia (SA)

Thanks Francois, the time you were here, I remember that: ~ “for the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again” ~…I heard for the ‘first’ time, and still it makes such an impact! It’s so different than we have ever been taught…it’s such a change of many thought patterns… (I mean: not one thought or belief that changes, but so much!!)

Is it ‘normal’ that we have to hear it again and again and again to ‘comprehend’ it more and deeper? I’m enjoying all your teaching of the Wordschool, I listen to them whenever I’m able (in bed, in the car, while cleaning house!!) Sometimes I listen 2 or 3 times….Thank you so much!! Such a JOY!

Mia South Africa November 13, 2015


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