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Shelton and Rudo Mudyaro Testimony

Dearest Francois and Lydia
How’re you doing my precious beloved Francois and Lydia and I hope
that this mail finds you well and in good health,
Firstly I want to express our utmost appreciation for your love and
the financial support that you’re giving us it’s really taking us a
very long way in our family and our ministry here in Zimbabwe and
across Africa.
Last month I embarked on a Mirror Word outreach in Nairobi which was a
follow up to my last outreach in 2017 where I had an opportunity to
pay a visit to former Mirror Word attendees that included Bonface
Odhiambo, Raphel Saitoti, David Wainana, Joshua Parkisua and Joshua
Mutinda and we made new friends again last including James Juma from
meru county,
I started in Nairobi where we had a Mirror Word meeting with Bonface
and some leaders from around Nairobi and Kikuyu and a lot of leaders
embraced the Mirror message and after that, we went to Meru county
where I met Mike from the USA who represents charis in Kenya and it’s
known as Neema bible school and their director from Maua arranged that
I speak to their pastors from around that County over three days and
they embraced the Mirror Word and the Paraphrased translation of the
Mirror bible and also the book divine embrace we saw over 80 leaders
from neema coming to attend these meetings.
After that, we had an opportunity to meet leaders from Nkubu sub-county
where James is doing incredible work with the leaders there and we
presented the Mirror bible to him to equip him and the leaders there
with the Mirror message, last year we powerfully resourced him with
materials by Francois du Toit including teachings on videos and audios
and he’s done incredible work.
After that, I went to Kakamega county about 14 hours from Nairobi
towards Uganda where we had an opportunity to do a short Word school
with Nico Demas and we saw over 150 leaders and Saints coming together
to hear the Mirror message and he requested that we set up a Mirror
bible school there in Shatsala village of Buteresub-county so that we
fully equip the leaders and the Saints in Kakamega county.
After that, I proceeded to Arusha in Tanzania where I met up with a
missionary friend from Pakistan called John Israel who also arranged
our meetings last year and this year he arranged a meeting for me with
a big Bishop in Arusha called Somi who apparently oversees over 850
churches in Tanzania and I stayed with the Bishop for 4 nights and I
had an opportunity to do a three days Word school with one of his
bishops in Arusha and they embraced the gospel of grace and the
unconditional love of the Father being unveiled in the Mirror message
and they have already booked for four days for 2019.
I then concluded in Mbeya where I was with Bishop Nazareth Nkubu who
hosted us together with Francois in 2007 and Rev Zephania Mwalusambo
and we had such an amazing time with the Saints and God opened another
opportunity through my presence in Mbeya,
Thank you so much, my precious beloved brother, Francois and Lydia
you’re a complete blessing to us and we treasure our knowing you.
Love and blessings

Shelton and Rudo Mudyaro February 8, 2019


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