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Shepy (Botswana)

When I fell in love with my fiancée, nobody gave me lectures on what to tell her or how to love her. The love was like a spring that bubbles and flows from underground, because I was convinced of her characteristics. The good news of God’s love and the redemption of men brought a radical change in my life, I don’t need any tutor to teach how to have an intimate relationship with God, it just flows like a river from inside of me because I am convinced of his love. When you come to understand the truth of who you are in Christ, you would not trouble yourself by trying to become.

Christ in you and me, the hope of glory… Today I am leaving for Zimbabwe where we will be ministering in 2 different provinces during and after Easter holidays, bringing people to the understanding that we are not celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ at large, but the logical conclusion (Logisomai), one died for all therefore all died, hallelujah we are included! I feel I am a Bullet that was triggered by the word of grace, containing good news of great joy! The wordschool brought me to a full realisation of who we are in him. Thank God for MirrorWord Crew. They are a blessing.

Shepy Botswana November 14, 2015


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