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Susan (United Arab Emirates)

I am speechless, so overwhelmed that I need to scream! I have a passion to tell people about this truth, I can’t go on and listen to any other gospel anymore, truth has set me free. I would love to be part of this so people  will be free. I live and work in Dubai I have been so blessed by this ministry every time I hear the truth my whole being shakes and I have to stop and take a break, when I read the materials from the Mirror translation etc it feels like electricity going through my body. I encounter the word of God and truth stands in front of me bearing witness. I don’t know how but I know that I know that I know that this is truth. This is the truth—I just want to burst, I can’t hear any other gospel, my stomach turns when I hear another gospel. Wow wow wow. On Fire I am on Fire. I cannot do nothing else put preach Jesus, my mouth can only declare His good works my body yields and worships Him and vibrates at His presence I am so His…..

Susan United Arab Emirates November 12, 2015


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