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What people are saying about the Mirror Bible

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My hele lewe en die aanskoue van my bestaan vorentoe van dag by dag, het oombliklik verander toe my geestes oe oop gegaan het met n nuwe denkwyse dat ek in n soomlose eenheid in Hom Jesus Christus ingeweef is. Die sleutels vd Koninkryk het binne my begin klinkel soos klokkies en het net nog nie opgehou nie. Openbarings op openbarings, maar daar is teenkanting, maar Hy gee wysheid. Ek geniet my Mirror Studie bybel, dis soos nuwe klere wat ek aanpas en sommer aanhou.

Naomi Hayward February 14, 2019

Dearest Francois and Lydia
How’re you doing my precious beloved Francois and Lydia and I hope
that this mail finds you well and in good health,
Firstly I want to express our utmost appreciation for your love and
the financial support that you’re giving us it’s really taking us a
very long way in our family and our ministry here in Zimbabwe and
across Africa.
Last month I embarked on a Mirror Word outreach in Nairobi which was a
follow up to my last outreach in 2017 where I had an opportunity to
pay a visit to former Mirror Word attendees that included Bonface
Odhiambo, Raphel Saitoti, David Wainana, Joshua Parkisua and Joshua
Mutinda and we made new friends again last including James Juma from
meru county,
I started in Nairobi where we had a Mirror Word meeting with Bonface
and some leaders from around Nairobi and Kikuyu and a lot of leaders
embraced the Mirror message and after that, we went to Meru county
where I met Mike from the USA who represents charis in Kenya and it’s
known as Neema bible school and their director from Maua arranged that
I speak to their pastors from around that County over three days and
they embraced the Mirror Word and the Paraphrased translation of the
Mirror bible and also the book divine embrace we saw over 80 leaders
from neema coming to attend these meetings.
After that, we had an opportunity to meet leaders from Nkubu sub-county
where James is doing incredible work with the leaders there and we
presented the Mirror bible to him to equip him and the leaders there
with the Mirror message, last year we powerfully resourced him with
materials by Francois du Toit including teachings on videos and audios
and he’s done incredible work.
After that, I went to Kakamega county about 14 hours from Nairobi
towards Uganda where we had an opportunity to do a short Word school
with Nico Demas and we saw over 150 leaders and Saints coming together
to hear the Mirror message and he requested that we set up a Mirror
bible school there in Shatsala village of Buteresub-county so that we
fully equip the leaders and the Saints in Kakamega county.
After that, I proceeded to Arusha in Tanzania where I met up with a
missionary friend from Pakistan called John Israel who also arranged
our meetings last year and this year he arranged a meeting for me with
a big Bishop in Arusha called Somi who apparently oversees over 850
churches in Tanzania and I stayed with the Bishop for 4 nights and I
had an opportunity to do a three days Word school with one of his
bishops in Arusha and they embraced the gospel of grace and the
unconditional love of the Father being unveiled in the Mirror message
and they have already booked for four days for 2019.
I then concluded in Mbeya where I was with Bishop Nazareth Nkubu who
hosted us together with Francois in 2007 and Rev Zephania Mwalusambo
and we had such an amazing time with the Saints and God opened another
opportunity through my presence in Mbeya,
Thank you so much, my precious beloved brother, Francois and Lydia
you’re a complete blessing to us and we treasure our knowing you.
Love and blessings

Shelton and Rudo Mudyaro February 8, 2019

Wonderful testimony by Carol and Cliff Moon from Hawaii

The Mirror Word must be our most valued Treasure in our home. It brought us Truth and Life. To find the Truth that was in our hearts all along cannot be measured. The Mirror Word brought forth the deep resonance of our Father’s heart and joined ours in complete oneness, never again to be separated from His intent and influence. Almost 37 years ago upon awakening to the God’s Voice in Jesus Christ, I heard in the depths of my being, “You are My joy. You are My fulfillment. What pleasure I have.” I could never forget that experience of union with God and then spent all those years searching for it in all the wrong religious circles. I was trying to please Him enough just to hear even a portion of those words again. Because of your faithfulness to write the heart of our Father in the Mirror Word, I know I am pleasing to Him and experience His love words all the time and whether at low or high times, His presence abides in assurance. There is hardly a week that goes by that I don’t find my husband rejoicing, shouting and weeping for joy because of the Romance he has found. He knows he is secure in Love Himself.

We are so grateful to you, Francois, and to Lydia!

Celebrating that He rules the world with Truth and Grace and rejoicing in the Word of the Father now in flesh appearing.

Carol and Cliff Moon January 17, 2018

Another beautiful mirror testimony we received a few days ago!

Dear Papa Francois, oh my heart is so thankful for you. God has used you to bring me the freedom of my redeemed innocence. There is a group of us in Harrisburg PA USA who are exploding in revival and love because of how you have translated the word as well as how your preaching reflects Christ. One of our friends randomly showed us the Mirror Bible and it has been game over since then. The Bible has had clarity that it never had before and it leads us in a “daily revival”. It has given us language for the finished work of Jesus and it has brought person after person into a changed mind and heart. What can we say but that we are so thankful for your faithfulness and delight in the work of the Lord. We are so thankful for taking so much heat for the Gospel and for displaying it properly. God is using you here in the US again and again. You truly are our Papa in the faith.

David Mcclymont January 17, 2018

The word paraphrase doesn’t really communicate what the Mirror is all about. Through language that captures the essential spirit and message of the original authors combined with the presentation of thorougly researched word studies set along with the text the Mirror Bible provides an experience as close to that of a first century Christ Follower reading a letter to the Church from one of the first apostles as possible.

The presentation of the first chapter of the Gospel of John by itself is more than worth the price of the book.
Almost everyone I have shared the Mirror experience with has said something similar to “if the Apostle Paul’s native language had been English this is how his letters would read.”

November 14, 2015

This Translation is possibly the best thing to happen to the world masses since the Gutenburg print gave us the first public Bibles, and we want to have it in every living language! It gives even the casual reader such great and perfect insight into the context of every scripture. And has a precision of content that pays attention to the detail of the original word choice. The version caters for the needs of both a lay reader as well as the academic both at once! Not even reading alongside a Strong’s unlocks the Spirit Truth which the Mirror Translation immediately yields to the surface!

Shepherd Namibia November 12, 2015

Francois, The Mirror Message has had such an amazing impact on my life, and on the lives of the people I have to do with. One of the missing ingredients of my 35yrs of being a Christian, has been that of our true identity revealed to us. We sang songs about being a “new creation and a brand new man” and then had multiple ministries of how bad we are, how we must die to self, how He must increase (?) and we must decrease (?), It’s all about Him, nothing about us, and the like. All these half-truths only serve to destroy the human spirit, and result in the “snow white” syndrome, which is poison-induced sleep, hence the present condition of the church, globally. It’s asleep, or drugged with the poison of religious self-abasement.

As God began to open my eyes to the wonders of His Grace and Unconditional Love, one of the first pieces of literature I came across was “God Believes in You”, written by you, and also “Done!”. The Mirror Message has had, and is continuing to have, the effect it is designed to, and that is to awaken me to the reality of God’s KNOWLEDGE of me as He sees me in Christ. I have had the joy of bringing this good news to our congregation, and lives are being dramatically changed from human perspective to His perspective. There’s a spring in the step of many who’s feet have been shod with the preparation of THE ONLY Good News. Thank you, and may God continue to give you much grace and wisdom to speak this message with absolute clarity to the world!!!

Colin United Kingdom November 12, 2015

I love the Mirror translation, I am pastoring my first church and preaching the finished work of the cross. I received it through revelation, and it greatly challenged the Pentecostal church I was in. It has always been my message, I asked Father to get me a place to teach the truth to people and He removed me, “He made me a minister” and then placed me in a small church.

I often preach for a couple of hours and we usually feel it’s an hour, but the supernatural life-giving message is music to the hearts of the hurting. I am continually ministering to many people that are messed up by sin conscious religion—they are growing rapidly. I was greatly encouraged to find others preaching the same message; it’s great to see you acknowledge the faith “of” the Son of God. God bless you for your bold passion and declaration of the glorious gospel.

Gavin United Kingdom November 12, 2015

I have been in church all of my life, and just turning 30, I realized the fear and anxiety I had about my position as a Christian. I became insatiable in studying and researching the truth that would make me free from mysticism and other mind manipulation tools, but I was still missing my identity. My pastor has been using the Mirror translation at church, and my heart was melting with relief and hope. I knew there was so much more for me, so much more to believe about myself and the passion God has for me. I feel like I am experiencing an entirely new God.

Colleen USA November 12, 2015

I was irrevocably changed at the end of my senior year in high school, overrun by the love of God and Christ’s work on the cross. I come from a catholic background so my theology and understanding of the word was pretty weak when I first got nailed (my initial conversion experience). I started listening to a few preachers and eventually meandered my way to John Crowder and Ben Dunn last winter. I haven’t been to catholic mass in months and have not been able to find a church group that really preaches the stuff you translate so well in your Mirror Translation so I started getting together with some friends and we just go through grace and theology and stuff together. I got the Amplified translation last fall and it rocked me. It wasn’t until about two months ago that I heard about the Mirror translation, this thing is awesome! I use your translation for Romans 6 almost every time I refer to that chapter (which happens to be a lot). We’re seeing a whole ecstatic/grace centered/finished works movement start here at Tufts University, where I am a sophomore. The dry, religious Christian fellowship on campus is getting shaken upside down. It’s really fun and incredible to see. Every time I read from the Mirror translation, which happens to be pretty frequently, people respond pretty crazily with giggles, shouts and “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT TRANSLATION?!?!?”‘s on a regular basis. It’s awesome and I’m excited to see you’re continuing work on it. Thank you for your efforts, you have no idea how much it has helped me and my friend come to a deeper revelation of truth and the gospel. I thank the Lord for people like you who are continually paving the way for a new generation to rise up into the radical realization of our destiny as sons of the Most High! Thank you and may you continue enjoying your rest in the Lord! 🙂

Edward Student USA November 12, 2015

I feel I am getting a fresh new taste of scripture through work like yours and my Spirit resonates with how your translation has been written. I attend a small church called One Community Church in Dillon, Colorado and my Pastor is using your translation in our current teachings on Awakening.

Jill Colorado, USA November 12, 2015

…Recently I discovered Pastor Mike Miller in Ft. Collins, CO. During the last message that I had watched, he made reference to the Mirror Bible. During a previous message from a guest speaker at Mike’s church, the speaker Baxter Kruger made reference to Francois and his working on the Mirror Bible. I was led to this website and have since purchased the Mirror Bible and my heart is burning within me from the understanding that is being made known to me. I can’t stop smiling. I want to drench myself in this beautiful message and share it with everyone… Thank you SO very much for sharing the language of God which is His beautiful Son—Jesus!

Tina Ft. Collins, CO, USA November 12, 2015

This great on-going work of excellent scholarship has done more for all our gatherings, small groups, church meetings and just personal enrichment than anything I have seen in all my years. This should be available for the world to have… Francois’ style is unmistakable and grace is revealed in such brilliant forms that I still have my breath taken away when impressed by Holy Spirit over a certain section while teaching or studying.

Laura Pastor USA November 12, 2015

I have been a Christian for over 40 years and reading the Mirror Translation has been truly amazing!! I now use it to teach a small group of new and long time Christians. These women are now being uplifted and transformed by God’s revelation of how they are the Mirror image of Him. We are so thankful that God has given us this translation to “simmer” in. Back to the basics, I say, but God’s basics are so rich with “Snuggle up to the warm embrace of God, EXPERIENCE His closeness to you.” (James 4:7 Mirror) Thank You Francois!!

Leigh Dayley USA November 12, 2015

I love God and my promise family and my husband and daughter and son. I work as a supervisor in the records department of a sheriff’s office. I love the Mirror translation. I grew up in a Lutheran church and have a background full of a lot of ‘dutiful’ study of the Bible that was done out of feeling like I had to do it for God to love me. With the current revelation of my identity and not having to work to please God, I had a hard time picking up the Bible without getting the old feelings of ‘having’ to do it to earn His favor. The Mirror translation is exactly what I needed to break the old mindset and remind me of my identity and reignite my desire to read His word. Thank you so much for listening to Him and bringing this word to us!

Katrina USA November 12, 2015

I am a Pastor/Teacher currently living in Kansas City, MO. I have always taught from and used for study as many varied translations as I possibly could. About a year ago, a friend who knew of my love for unique translations told me about your site and the Mirror Translation. I began reading the PDF you used to have available on the website, and began preaching from it once it actually became available for sale. I have recommended it to everyone I know. Many from our church have purchased copies or downloaded the Kindle version. It has become my favorite translation. Thank you very much!! I hope that you will continue to translate the complete NT.

David Pastor and Teacher Kansas City, MO, USA November 12, 2015

I’ve had my Mirror for several days now and it goes everywhere with me! It is overflowing with the truth of grace, bulging at the seams with the TRUE message of Jesus to the world, unveiling all I had always hoped for from God, but didn’t know I could have until now!! Thank You, Father, for answering my prayers and reassuring my heart of Your love and true purpose for me in this life!!!

Cathy November 12, 2015


Stephanie November 12, 2015

I am a wife, a mom of 3 boys whom I home school and am currently enjoying Andre Rabe’s online bible class, “Word Made Flesh”. I just can’t get enough of your message Francois. I just recently purchased your newest edition of The Mirror, although I had already been enjoying an older edition for the last 6 months. I gave a copy to my oldest son, who after reading it told me that it’s the first time he’s read a Bible that he didn’t have to put his guard up. How I was surprised! Who knew that he would recognize so quickly the LOVE that pours forth from the Gospel when it is read in such a pure form! Thank you!

Nancy November 12, 2015

I have always had trouble understanding what I am reading in the Bible. This morning my Pastor was reading scripture from the Mirror Translation and I liked what I was hearing. I felt like it was speaking right to me. I want to read more.

Diane November 12, 2015