Tjits (UK)
November 12, 2015

I had the great pleasure and honor to finally meet Francois at our church, at Wellsprings Community in Edinburgh. My life has been completely changed since me and my husband David heard the simple message of grace and finished work of Jesus on the cross. I am so happy to realise I am free as for the last 10 years of my Christian life I have been feeling hopeless with trying to become a better person. I am learning now more and more who I am and who Jesus is inside of me. I am holy, whole and innocent, I can live this abundant life which is promised to me. No more striving for rest and working at getting into his presence. I am at rest! Thank you Francois for helping me see who and what I really am 🙂

Meshach (UK)
November 12, 2015

I just want to make you aware of how alive I now feel after having been introduced to your ministry through the internet. How glad I am that the Lord has led me by the still waters of the message of our inclusion in Christ, a message that you so unashamedly proclaim. I want to encourage you that here in the heart of London the ‘Tree of Life’ message is being spread. Thank you for being such an inspiration in making me see Christ in me, you truly are a blessing 🙂

Colin (UK)
November 12, 2015

Francois, The Mirror Message has had such an amazing impact on my life, and on the lives of the people I have to do with. One of the missing ingredients of my 35yrs of being a Christian, has been that of our true identity revealed to us. We sang songs about being a “new creation and a brand new man” and then had multiple ministries of how bad we are, how we must die to self, how He must increase (?) and we must decrease (?), It’s all about Him, nothing about us, and the like. All these half-truths only serve to destroy the human spirit, and result in the “snow white” syndrome, which is poison-induced sleep, hence the present condition of the church, globally. It’s asleep, or drugged with the poison of religious self-abasement.

As God began to open my eyes to the wonders of His Grace and Unconditional Love, one of the first pieces of literature I came across was “God Believes in You”, written by you, and also “Done!”. The Mirror Message has had, and is continuing to have, the effect it is designed to, and that is to awaken me to the reality of God’s KNOWLEDGE of me as He sees me in Christ. I have had the joy of bringing this good news to our congregation, and lives are being dramatically changed from human perspective to His perspective. There’s a spring in the step of many who’s feet have been shod with the preparation of THE ONLY Good News. Thank you, and may God continue to give you much grace and wisdom to speak this message with absolute clarity to the world!!!

Jozsef (Hungary)
November 12, 2015

You know that Andre and Mary-Anne were here and we had a wonderful fellowship with them. We are so happy. Anita just told me, that she want to live in this way, in this new found Life. I sharing what I have at our house fellowship and in a little gypsy fellowship, everybody just enjoy this lightness. Oh Jesus! Last Saturday I had an opportunity to share with my brothers at our service about Jesus’ finished work (the harvest is ready, because the grain is same as the grain which was fallen into the soil). Next day a lady told me that she and her husband talked about this message and they called their friend to invite to the next meeting to hear this message. They understood something. So I just enjoy this revelations everyday.

It is really what Proverbs says in 4:18 “But the path of the just is as a bright light going on and shining till the day is established.” Soon I hope that I can start a personal blog to communicate my thoughts about God or more I hope His thoughts about us, but somehow I would like that the MirrrorWord would be published in Hungarian. I’m agree with you, and I’m convinced that we are in the threshold of the coming new reformation rather this new things has began in Christ but we can see more and more of it now. The treasure is so great which is hidden in mankind and we are His co-worker to help to see this Godkindness in every man. So I’m very happy to see, and not frustrated under ”I must do this or that” kind Christianity, but I see and it ignites me more than anything else before. Praise the Lord!

Jan (Australia)
November 12, 2015

I am a young 62 yr old woman who has known about God since infancy—a God whom I sought to please. I knew He had sent Jesus and that He loved me, even though I was a poor sinful being, which we confessed every Sunday. At age 25 I had been on most committees in my local church and one day after driving home from one of these meetings, I was sitting in the car and I thought, ‘There has to be more than church services and committees to our Christian walk’. It seemed like a lot of committees and Sunday services lay ahead.

My heart longed for more. I had heard about the abundant life, I believed Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever, my heart told me different things to what the ministers in the denominational bondage of the church told me. I struggled with these things for many years, I was not overcome and have had a blessed life having been married to Noel for 42 yrs with 4 wonderful children and 3 precious grandchildren. About 4 yrs ago I was introduced to the teaching and sermons of Joseph Prince. His grace message has been a blessing. And now we have been abundantly blessed with the Mirror Bible and I can access Francois’ teaching via the internet. Joy unspeakable, thank you!!!!!!!!

Shepherd (Namibia)
November 12, 2015

This Translation is possibly the best thing to happen to the world masses since the Gutenburg print gave us the first public Bibles, and we want to have it in every living language! It gives even the casual reader such great and perfect insight into the context of every scripture. And has a precision of content that pays attention to the detail of the original word choice. The version caters for the needs of both a lay reader as well as the academic both at once! Not even reading alongside a Strong’s unlocks the Spirit Truth which the Mirror Translation immediately yields to the surface!

Jonas (Zimbabwe)
November 12, 2015

How wonderful and amazing your daily devotionals are motivating and inspiring me. God is indeed using you as an instrument to reveal His word to His children. Hope you and Lydia are well and healthy. We are with you in prayer that the event be a success in Christ Jesus. We wish you God’s blessings as you impart His word to His servants. God bless you.

Douglas 1 (Zimbabwe)
November 12, 2015

My dear may God highly honour you for the great work you are doing beginning with Africa. I was personally touched and encouraged at the conference for the few days l was there. In fact I have already started writing a report on the Conference which l shall copy to you.

Let Lydia know that she is really a mother of many nations, God has just given her that because she proved beyond any reasonable doubt that she is ready for bigger occasions that He has for you. l love you guys and l am missing every one who was and still is there. We had really become a family. Let them know that l shall keep in touch with each one of them.  Please tell our beautiful sister Lydia that our journey was really great and we are so grateful for she did for us, only God will remember her richly for this.

We shall be waiting for the team you are bringing to Zimbabwe, you will be accommodated at our place the night before you leave for Calson’s rural place. l have asked Lydia to teach mothers from our Church during the time you will be teaching the EFZ Pastors.  Hope to see you soon. Stay blessed.

Douglas 2 (Zimbabwe)
November 12, 2015

Greetings to you my dear sister Lydia. The book Divine Embrace is really good. The reports you are getting are genuine. The first time l read it personally, l could hardly put it down, it is such a powerful piece of work that Francois did there. It is good for personal and group devotions, as well as Bible Study.

Bonface (Kenya)
November 12, 2015

It’s amazing how this message is impacting and transforming lives, and much more how you put it clear and understandable. God bless you. I would request you if in future you have meetings in east Africa which you have been invited and you are unable to attend I will be willing to represent you there and give people the opportunity to hear this message. This word has been a great blessing to me. I met the secretary of the American Christian episcopal church and shared with him this word; the man was greatly touched and promised to open doors for us in his churches in America. Blessings