Welcome to the

Mirror Word

The ministry site of Francois and Lydia du Toit. Teachers and Authors of the Mirror Study Bible, Devotional and Children’s books.

Welcome to the

Mirror Word

The ministry site of Francois and Lydia du Toit. Teachers and Authors of the Mirror Study Bible, Devotional and Children’s books.

John 3:16 (Mirror Bible)

The entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection! And he is not about to abandon his creation – the gift of his son is for humanity to realize their origin in him who mirrors their authentic birth – begotten not of flesh but of the Father! In this persuasion the life of the ages echoes within the individual and announces that the days of regret and sense of lost-ness are over!

A paraphrased Bible translation that is unlike anything you’ve read before. Get ready for a life transformation.

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Learn more about Francois and Lydia du Toit, their family, their message, and the Mirror Bible’s beginnings.

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Special announcements

We released 3 of my books in new formats!
Revelation – The Apocalypse Uncovered -400p [A5 size] $20 
Romans 82p [A5 size] $7 
Special Edition Hardcover Mirror Study Bible 784p [size,7×10 inches] $45
We can order these books immediately direct from our printers in
the UK, USA and Australia – please email us at
Will also soon be available through the online distributors.

Philippians Audiobook Now Available
Click here for Amazon link.

Good news for Kindle users of Mirror Study Bible!
First 8 chapters of Luke are now included!

Just update your existing kindle MSB if you already have it!
The old Red Edition doesn’t update.
Any problems then just go to amazon and click on chat!

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New Releases

Mirror Study Bible

This one includes the entire Book of Revelation with many commentary chapters plus about 150 new text updates. It’s 784 pages of deliciousness!!! The red version will no longer be available and this one replaces the Blue version.
This is a most significant contribution which will help many rediscover the beauty of the Bible and be swept off their feet in the Romance of the Ages! We are overwhelmed with joy for its release into the world! Read more..

Mirror Bible APP

We have the newly developed Mirror App available in Apple and Android.

Mirror Bible Kindle

New Mirror Study Bible Kindle release now available!

Contains all the latest text updates and the entire book of Revelation with commentary!
Also on amazon.uk or Australia or whichever Amazon kindle nearest to you.
(Old version still available but not updated – keeping it for those who want their notes saved!)


This wonderful paraphrased collection from the Greek New Testament by Francois du Toit is the most refreshing and enlightening translation I have EVER read. Seriously. To my knowledge, no one else has so painstakingly done a translation quite like this, and I’ve pretty much read them all. Every bit of God’s glorious truth is accurately retained and boldly expressed but in a fresh conversational form that takes the reader even deeper into God’s inspired revelation of himself. Reading the Mirror Bible is as if you are in a small restaurant sitting across the table from Paul, John, James, or Peter as they explain the Word to you personally. The language Francois chose to use strictly expresses the accurate meaning and with tender reverence, but all in a delightful conversational tone that my modern ears and sensibility can grasp quickly and thoroughly enjoy.
Alan Bradley

I continue to be awed by this beautiful book. A translation in process, The Mirror Bible has spoken to my heart with crystal clear language, holding up a looking glass so that I can see once and forever my true nature, my real origin, my everlasting identity. I’m so pleased with it! It is, in my belief, the most significant rendering of God’s word in this generation. The Spirit SINGS through the pages of The Mirror Bible! The understanding of Grace is so beautiful, so pure, and so refreshing that I truly can’t put it down.

I highly recommend The Mirror Bible and encourage anyone who is considering it to delve deep into the beautiful, gracious words on each page.

When the 1611 King James team endeavored to compile their English version of the Bible, they quoted Augustine as proof “that variety of translations is profitable for the finding out of the sense of the Scriptures.” As an avid collector of translations, I would highly recommend The Mirror as one of my favorites Though every scholar attempts to present an objective portrayal of the text, each version is ultimately filtered through the translator’s own theological lens. This is not wrong per se—it is impossible to convey the text apart from our own understanding of the work and nature of God.

Perhaps this is why Francois du Toit’s work brings such a fresh perspective to the table. To rightly divide the Word of God, our interpretative lens must ultimately be the person of Christ Himself and His finished work. Christ is the ultimate Text. Each page of The Mirror drips with grace as we discover our own identity restored in the very Image of the invisible God, the Firstborn over all creation.
John Crowder

See your identity clearly portrayed here in The MIRROR! Exhilarating, thrilling, breathtaking beauty overtakes you in this glorious translation. God’s empowering, everlasting, all-compassing Gospel of Grace – Christ’s Finished Work – is here revealed in depths and dimensions of joy that will rock your world. You are co-revealed in Christ! Co-crucified, co-included in His death and resurrection, co-buried, co-quickened, co- alive, co-seated “with Him in His executive authority in the Throne Room of the heavenly realm” (Eph. 2:6 Col 1:1-4 The Mirror).

Herewith, my highest recommendation for this new, powerful, mega-encouraging Bible translation, so rich with fresh, wide vistas of the mystery of our restored innocence in Christ. May The MIRROR Bible soon be treasured in every home, seminary and School of Ministry in the world!
Lani Langlais

All translators make choices… God cannot be contained exactly in our words. He is communicated Spirit to Spirit… Francois is sincere in revealing the original intent… He is translating this essentially “in public”, open for comment, and gives his logic and notes for translation choices to let us see “under the hood”—whereas most other translations do not. The Mirror is an exhilarating, fresh look at familiar passages and a source of renewed passion to celebrate
Rod Williams

“It is a great pleasure to declare that The Mirror Translation is the perfect fusion of the poetic and powerful language of the King James Version with the expressiveness of the Amplified, clearly manifesting the scriptures as they were intended: to be a witness and testimony of Jesus and that by seeing and beholding Him as God, we consequently discover our own identity, having sprung forth from the logos (mind, thoughts) of God. The Mirror Translation is a poetically literal paraphrase packed with dunamis power spoken directly from the heart of the Father that reveals Jesus as what God has believed about mankind before the world began.”
Jeff Pate

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