Francois has been tirelessly translating since 2014. At present (2021) most of the New Testament is completed. His aim is to complete the New Testament and a few selected portions of the Old Testament.

Mirror Bible Content

John’s Gospel
Luke’s Gospel
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Timothy
1 Peter 1 & 2
2 Peter 1
1 John 1-5

Total of 1144 pages

Once you have paid for the Mirror Bible app, any new content that becomes available will automatically be downloaded to your device, free of charge.

The app only works on IOS (Apple), and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the App / Play Stores respectively. Android version 5 and above is supported.

Once registered, you may install the app on any of your other or new personal devices. Use the same email address and password to gain access to the full content, and your stored highlights, bookmarks and notes. Please do not misuse this freedom by providing your password to other users.

When you install the app, the limited free content is automatically downloaded for you. This is just a “taster”. Once you register with an email and password, and purchase the full content using the “Buy the Mirror” button, the full content will be downloaded.

  • Open the app on your device, and tap on the Sign In link
    • Note if you are already signed-in, then tap on the menu icon (bottom right) and then on Sign Out, and then on Sign In.
  • Tap on the Forgot Password link
  • Follow the steps to reset your password…
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  • Firstly, have you obtained the Full Content of the the Mirror Bible? If not, follow the steps to Purchase the Full Content
  • Secondly, in case you missed it, the menu in the app that accesses the chapters and books is the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap it.
  • Also please note that the translation is a work in progress. Most of the New Testament is already translated, and it is the author’s intent to translate the whole New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. After purchasing, you will receive updates for free on an ongoing basis, until we release the final full NT Mirror Bible.
  • Also view the next Troubleshooting point below… 
  • First ensure you have the Full Content, else purchase it… 
  • Open the Navigation Dropdown menu, click on eg 1 Cor to display the chapters
  • Use your finger to scroll the page up to reveal the remaining chapters
  • If they still don’t display, tap again on 1 Cor to hide the chapters. Then tap again to reveal them and then scroll to reveal the remaining chapters (we are aware that this is a bug and will fix this soon).
  • Note, certain books eg 1 and 2 Peter have not been translated fully yet.

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